Sunday, November 18, 2007

What of the Miners - Unsung Heroes

I've blogged about the miners before, and I will again. They are the unsung heroes of the energy behind America. How do we move forward, how do we progress towards a clean energy policy, without leaving them and their families behind?

And it's not only miners, it's all the support companies whose work in the coalfields is directly generated by the coal keeper, lawyers, accountants, mechanics, endlist list.

I have some thoughts about this..... but I want to hear yours. Please, let us solve this together. Let's make sure the solution respects those who have sacrificed the most.


Apple Pie is gone in America said...

As you note, the economy from coal in West Virginia supports everyone in the various communities. However, the economic benefit from the coal industry is very small. The first and greatest piece of the pie is taken outside of the State and community, to the pockets of the owners in other parts of U.S. When the mines shut-down, the economic benefit ends, with nothing else to take it's place. So West Virgina stays poor.

Bikemike said...


I am writing a book about the counties that share the border between Virginia and West Virginia and would like to e-speak with you about your movie and get your input on coal. Would you please write me at

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

After watching this movie I have a host of comments. I understand that WV is the only area of concern for you, but there are many coal producing areas in the US; ND, WY and TX (just to name a couple that I have been exposed to first hand). If a person drives past mine sites in these areas it is hard to tell where the mines have moved except for the fact that many times the land that has been mined is more productive than that which has yet to be mined (in Wyoming anyway.) The coal companies abide by strict guidelines as to how they leave land and generally leave it better than they found it.

These areas do not have the toxic water that WV is dealing with as they use different dig methods and extraction techniques. Instead of fighting the companies and making it a coal or no coal battle, why not fight the technique used and find common ground. That would help both sides.