Monday, November 19, 2007

Sundance - does it matter?

We're waiting to hear about Sundance, the world's premiere film festival. One day, I'm sleepless wondering if Burning The Future will be admitted to the festival. The next, I wonder if it really matters.

But the more I ponder the question, the more I come to realize that it's not about me, or my "film" - it's not approval from some distant board of directors that I seek. It's about the issues.

This business of coal in the US, as the answer to our energy security, is so paramount at this critical moment of climate change, that I must value highly any mechanism for catapulting the dialogue to the national level. I think of all the hipsters and college students who follow Sundance and watch documentary film, plus the fans of non-fiction film of all ages...these are the folks who get motivated at the grassroots level to move this country, and I must recognize the important place that the Sundance Festival holds for this crowd.

So we hold our breath, hoping that the distant board sees the value of the debate and chooses to play a vital role.

This blog will be the first public announcement I make about yeah or nay with regard to Sundance. Check back in early December.

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