Monday, March 08, 2010


A message from Maria Gunnoe:

Twilight, Boone County, WV

It's a wonderful place to be for now...
Thanks to multiple mountaintop removal permits, Twilight is the next community on Route 26 to be threatened by extinction!

In this bold plan, the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition is raising funds to purchase property and stop the depopulation of a precious rural culture and its people.

Please visit the
MTR Stops Here!
website for more info and to donate.


Joseph Eulo said...

Mr. Novak and Mrs. Gunnoe,

I had the honor to screen your documentary in a course I am in at The New School in New York City called ' Human Conditions Seen Through Film.' I cant tell you how much your film has moved me and others in my class.

For me, your documentary opened my eyes to how I use energy (and sometimes misuse it). I now "flip the switch" when I am not using a electronic appliance or device. I Know that this may not be enough to help the people in Boone County or the Ohio Valley Coalition from preventing the destruction of the Twilight community. The few dollars that I will donate may help Twilight a little bit, but for me that is unacceptable.

Unfortunately I do not have the financial resources to help, but have skills that may. I am willing to volunteer my skills as a web designer and organizer to help the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition to raise awareness and funds.

If I can help you in this way, please let me know.


Joseph Eulo

Maria Gunnoe said...

Through small donations we now own a small parcel of the land.
We in Boone County are very thankful for all that others do and everything helps! Conservation helps too TY for that!