Tuesday, June 03, 2008

DVD's Ship This Week!

I am pleased to announce that the new DVD's ship this week!  The Burning the Future DVD contains a DVD-ROM section called the "Coal Impact Guide."  Pop the DVD into your computer and you will have access to tons of information to dig deeper after viewing the film.  Learn the impact that coal has on YOUR life, and decide what your impact will be.  Complete with House Party Toolkit and Instructions, share the DVD with friends and encourage them to do the same.

Together, We Can Do This.

And thank you to the hundreds of folks who have ordered the DVD in advance.



Anonymous said...

We fight together.

David Novack said...

Thank you.
It will take us all.

Hoping to screen film at Torino environmental film festival and Rome film festival in October.

Anonymous said...

To the people of West Virginia: Being a graduate of WVU and a Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania I am sick to my stomach as to what has and is going on to your state and people (both of which are very dear to my heart). Through my lifetime I have seen what coal mining (especially strip and mountain top removal) has done to the environment, property and people's lives. As we know money and greed rule the world and some people will stop at nothing to get it. Most of the coal has been removed where I live (south hills of Pittsburgh). 70% of the streams are dead and subsidence problems are everywhere. If that isn't enough now the coal companies have been going after the remaining pillars under I-79. The road usually sinks 3 to 5 feet after this and have to be rebuilt at the taxpayers expense, while the coal companies reap the benefits at no expense to them. Where does it end?Obviously those problems pale in comparison to what you have to deal with. The bottom line is that they need to be stopped and held accountable. Roads and buildings can be fixed but peoples lives can't. I have been to alot of the worst areas in southern West Virginia and have seen how the coal companies split communities holding the people hostage by giving a few jobs in the mining industry thus pitting people (the haves) against the others (the have nots). I know not too long ago families could live peacefully in the mountains with clean, fresh water, abundant wildlife and a quality of life that we all long for. Now all you have is filled in valleys, contaminated water and health problems too numerous to mention. What burns me up is that through all of this your quality of life has worsened when it should have improved. They have taken and ruined some of the most beautiful places on earth just for some coal. These places will never be the same again..never. Unfortunately alot of you cannot leave (nor should you have to) and are stuck in these toxic wastelands. I feel for you. Why doesn't the government bail you out and spend the 700 billion recently put towards bailing out the greedy lenders instead of cleaning up these areas and truly help out people in need. I'm not sure what the answer is to all of this but it has to stop. You are not forgotten in my eyes. If there is anything I can do to help please feel free to contact me. In the meantime I will continue to support you and the people of West Virginia.
Sincerely, David R. Walters

You can contact me at:
745 Galway Drive
Bethel Park, PA 15102

Anonymous said...

We can end dependency on coal for electricity production in the near future, and do it without harm to the miners and other "workers" in the coal industry. As for the companies that fund the destruction of our environment without regard for our well-being, they would not necessarily lose if they were willing to convert to a different technology.

As utilities become less dependent upon coal, factories producing components of the replacement technology would be located in areas that are currently dependent upon mining. We could usher in an end to coal in this generation.

The replacement technology would be a solar energy system that floats in water and produces unlimited amounts of electricity, distilled water, and other products. It is designed to operate in large bodies of water over most of the planet.

Even though the need for such a device and the effectiveness are demonstrable, we have not managed to arouse significant interest among the political and economic sectors of our society. It works in the same way that the natural water cycle of the planet, and has no harmful effects. It can replace virtually all nuclear and carbon-based electricity generation, and open currently arid regions to food and bio-fuel production.

We have applied for a US patent, which has not yet been issued. For a visual representation of the system, or additional information, please visit our website at solarcofusion.net. You can reach us by email at solarco.fusion@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


Please get in touch, I'd like to discuss some immediate issues for our friends.

greatlakescwa at gmail

Thank you for all you do!