Monday, May 15, 2006

What to do about coal

This is the first entry tracking the making of the documentary film, American Coal. I, the filmaker, will record my evolving impressions here, with an opportunity for readers to post responses. As the film nears completion, I hope you all will be a part of carving the point of view of the film. I can't do this alone.


minstrelnyc said...

Tell me more, David! I want to know how this story is unfolding!

Anonymous said...

I am giving a presentation for my class at Florida Gulf Coast University on mountain-top removal.

As you may know, Florida is stepping up it's coal energy production through FPL with 2 power plants in the near future, and more in the forecast.

I found this site looking for the water quality video I saw posted through but I guess it's gone.

Good luck with the documentary, I hope "the people" will be awaken through your efforts and we find real and sustainable solutions to our energy needs.

-Rob Leisure

David Novack said...

Yes, Florida is, on the one hand, ahead of the curve with clean-coal emissions technologies. As you are aware, the extractive pollution of coal mining, MTR in particluar, is a disaster. I'm pleased to learn that people like you are spreading the word.

The water quality video was just posted this week, and apparantly there was an error made in the posting. I am expecting to have it corrected shortly.

If you'd like to ask me questions prior to your presentation, feel free to continue the blogging.

bo webb said...

David has set out to expose the truth about coal, the "dirty little secret" that has been hidden from the American public for the past century. Now, today, the coal industry has come to be so bold as to terrorize, bomb, and destroy entire mountain ranges and mountain communities in order to turn huge profits at the expense of Unites States citizens lives. Appalachia belongs to all Americans. It is time for them to know and understand the truth. Thank God for David Novak.